LumaFusion, one of the most powerful video editing apps for iOS and iPadOS devices, has received a major 2.4 update that adds support for editing and exporting 10-bit HDR video, including footage captured with Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro devices.

The version 2.4 update for LumaFusion, which is free for existing customers, now makes it possible to create projects for HLG, PQ P3 and Rec-709 10-bit color spaces. In addition to creating an end-to-end workflow for Apple’s new HDR-capable iPhone 12 Pro devices, this also opens the door for editing and exporting HDR footage captured on cameras such as Canon’s R5, Panasonic’s Lumix GH5, Sony’s a7S III and others.

The new color space options reside in the project settings menu and can be turned on by default so future projects start in whatever color space you tend to use. Exporting 10-bit footage is as simple as selecting it as the color space while going through the export dialog box.

LumaFusion has also added the option to export H.265 video with transparency if you’re making custom title cards or animations and a new automated project settings feature that will define the frame rate, aspect ratio and color space of the project based on the first clip imported into the timeline. Other features include an improved color picker, a new Chroma Keyer with automated key color detection and a new Luma Keyer the offers adjustments for luma range, roll-off, erosion distance and edge blur radius for fine-tuned edits.

LumaFusion version 2.4 is available to download in the iOS App Store for $30.