It seems the GH6 will remain in the shadows for at least a few months longer.

Panasonic Japan has issued a statement announcing the release of its Lumix GH6 mirrorless camera has been delayed into 2022.

When it first announced it had started development of the GH6, back in May 2021, Panasonic’s plan was to release it by the end of the year. Unfortunately, that time line didn’t work out. Panasonic Japan didn’t specify in the announcement why the release has been pushed back, but considering nearly every other manufacturer in the industry is struggling to procure parts due to the silicon shortage, it’s very likely this is the case with Panasonic as well.

Panasonic's announcement in its entirety, machine-translated.

Panasonic says it is ‘aiming for [the GH6’s release] in early 2022’ and says it ‘apologize[s] for any inconvenience caused to customers waiting for this product.’