Since its release, users have wondered when the Apple Watch would include a camera. As of the recent Series 6 revisions, the Apple wearable has yet to integrate a camera. However, a new product for Apple Watch adds a pair of cameras to your wrist. Wristcam is an Apple-certified band for your Apple Watch and includes a pair of Sony-made cameras.

A 2MP 'self-facing' camera can record 1080p video, while a second 'world-facing' camera records 8MP still images and 1080p video. By using the accompanying Wristcam app on your Watch, you can live stream video, take advantage of a live viewfinder to capture images and video, browse a gallery, and even share your images and videos.

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To ensure that you know the Wristcam is recording, there are bright LEDs next to both cameras. When shooting stills, there'll be a single pulse of light. When recording a video, the light will continuously blink. There are dedicated microphones next to each camera and there is a quick capture button located beneath the world-facing camera.

Wristcam promises 'all day' battery life with moderate to heavy use. Wristcam is water-resistant up to 1m for half an hour. It includes 8GB of internal memory to sync photos and videos with your phone while the Wristcam is charging. The internal storage holds about 2,000 images or an hour of video. Wristcam includes built-in Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz) and Bluetooth (5.0).

Wristcam includes 2MP self-facing and 8MP world-facing cameras, each with accompanying microphones and LED lights. Click to enlarge.

The Wristcam is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1-6 and supports iPhone 6s models and newer. It comes with the Wristcam Core, a small band, large band, charging cable and power adapter.

Much like Apple's own Watch bands, the Wristcam comes in a variety of colors. Further, the design is modular, so you can swap out Wristcam bands without needing to purchase a new Wristcam. The Wristcam is available in 38/40mm and 42/42mm sizes and comes in black, white, gray, rosé (38/40mm only) and sage (42/44mm only) color options. Shipping is expected in March 2021 and both sizes of Wristcam cost $299 USD. Optional additional bands are available in blue, purple and brown and cost $49.