#Photojournalism2020 Winner: 'Young guns' by <a href="https://unsplash.com/@renebbernal" rel="noopener" target="_blank">@renebernal</a> (Philippines)
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#Photojournalism2020 Winner: 'Young guns' by @renebernal (Philippines)

About this photo: Self-taught filipino photographer @renebernal shot this staggering photo in a dumpster in San Dionisio, a district located in the southern part of Metro Manila. His photo collected the most votes on the Agora app and won him a $1,000 cash prize.

In Rene's own words: "Everywhere in the world, children are increasingly exposed to guns, whether real ones or just toys, causing much worry to parents and to the community in general. I was amazed to see these children who were playing in a dumpsite located right in the middle of Paranaque City. They were totally oblivious of the hazards of their recreation. Indeed, a poignant reminder of how these children are able to find ways to enjoy their childhood, even in the most distressing environments.

I feel so lucky and happy to have won this contest as I would like to use this prize money towards my daughters' education, and will donate part of it to the less fortunate children living in the slums. Discovering Agora gave me a chance to showcase my art and hopefully inspire others. I am very grateful for Agora that enables us to hear other people’s stories through photos."