We're a little late to this one, but it's an interesting option for video editors that is worth sharing all the same. Last month, transcription company Trint launched a new Adobe Premiere Pro CC plug-in that uses artificial intelligence to automatically create captions in Adobe Premiere Pro. Called Trint for Premiere, the new plug-in allows Premiere Pro CC users to upload videos to Trint's system directly from Adobe's application. Trint's speech-to-text tech then automatically transcribes the audio and generates captions.

According to Trint, its system creates a draft transcript that the user refines in the Trint Editor. These corrected transcriptions are made available in the plug-in's panel, providing direct SRT access within Premiere. The software also supports Edit Decision Lists (EDLs), simplifying soundbite creation.

Trint's new plug-in is available from Adobe Exchange with a free trial. After the trial period ends, users have the option of paying a fee per-hour of transcribed video, or signing up for a monthly subscription. The free trial signup and more information is available on Trint's website.

Press Release

Trint’s AI transcription software to add integrated panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC in Enterprise Offering

London (April 4, 2018) – Customers of Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud®, will now have the opportunity to make their workflow even more seamless using Trint’s automatic speech-to-text technologies.

Trint for Premiere, Trint’s new panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC enables direct upload of footage to Trint for fast automated transcription. This gives users a quick and integrated flow for making audio searchable and for creating captions for their media. Using Trint’s automated speech-to-text technologies, editors quickly get a machine-generated draft transcript that they can easily polish to perfect in the Trint Editor. Transcriptions corrected in Trint will be available in the panel, giving editors direct access to SRTs from within Premiere Pro CC.

Highlighted selections of Trint transcripts will be available as EDLs, making it fast and simple to find key soundbites and the editing process much quicker for users. EDLs for videos can be exported from the panel and can be seamlessly used in the Timeline.

“Our customers have been asking us for an Adobe Premiere Pro CC integration for some time,” says Jeff Kofman, CEO of Trint. “We know that many of our users are video editors, and it’s exciting to be able to streamline their captioning and editing workflows.”

Building on its strong transcription toolkit, the company is also releasing additional enterprise features which will make it the leading transcription service for organizations.

Trint has also released the new Trint mobile iOS app that lets users record interviews and meetings on their iPhone and upload them to Trint for fast transcription and collaboration from anywhere.