Lens manufacturer Tamron has filed a patent for what looks like an interesting portrait lens to add to its growing collection of fixed focal length lenses. The company appears to be developing a 115mm F1.4 moderate telephoto lens that will come with Tamron’s Vibration Compensation system built in. The focal length is very unusual, as is the 45mm that the company chose for its F1.8 standard lens, but that will only make it stand out from the crowd of 90mm, 100mm, 105mm and 135mm lenses. The 115mm focal length isn’t unheard of though as Carl Zeiss produced Tessar 115mm F3.5 and Pro Tessar 115mm F4 lenses for SLR and rangefinder film cameras. 

The patent application was spotted by Japanese website egami.

* Patent Publication No. 2016-151661
* Published 2016.8.22
* Filing date 2015.2.17

* Example
* f = 113.000
* Fno = 1.456
* ω = 10.632

* Tamron patent
* Positive and negative positive
* Inner focus (the second group)
* Vibration proof group (one of the group)