Image: @OnLeaks

It seems dual-camera technology is quickly establishing itself as standard on high-end smartphones. LG is expected to launch the G6 at or around the Mobile World Congress at the the end of February 2017 and today a series of rendered images confirms that, like its predecessor G5 and the V20, the new model will feature a dual-camera. However, the G6 will not come with the G5's modular construction, which means users of the device will probably have to make do without the camera grip extension that was available for the G5.

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Given the visual differences between the two camera lenses, it is fair to assume the G6 dual-cam will offer two different focal lengths, like the G5, rather than adopt an image merging approach to improve image quality like some Huawei devices. Display size remains at 5.3" and there is also a fingerprint reader, headphone-jack and USB Type-C connector. 

The images also show a more modern and elegant unibody design, which hopefully will make the G6 more of a commercial success than its predecessor. We quite liked the performance of the LG G5 dual-camera in our full review, but overall the device only received lukewarm reviews and could not meet expectations in the marketplace. As usual, this kind of leaked information should be taken with a pinch of salt, but the source tends to be very reliable. We should find out more in about three months time.