Moment has launched 50g and 100g counterweights for DJI's Osmo Mobile, making it possible to use Moment's add-on lenses with the handheld gimbal stabilizer for your smartphone. This also ostensibly makes the Osmo Mobile the first smartphone gimbal that supports add-on lenses.

Normally, if you try to use an add on lens with your smartphone gimbal, the added weight throws the stabilizer off. The counterweight compensates for that weight, enabling users with large and small smartphones to use them, the lenses, and the gimbal together. As demonstrated in the video above, Moment's counterweights clip onto the Osmo Mobile's arm and can be easily removed when the add-on lens isn't in use.

Interested Osmo Mobile owners can pre-order the counterweights now for a discounted $32, with shipping expected to start on December 11th.