Fujifilm is slowly but surely bringing a key subsidiary's production facilities back online after earthquakes forced a shut down, and expects to be back at full production by the end of May. In a statement issued today, Fujifilm confirmed that trial operations began on April 23 at the facilities and were ultimately successful. Barring any further problems, the company anticipates being back at pre-earthquake production levels by the end of this month.

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Fujifilm Kyusyu Co., Ltd operates the facilities that were impacted by the earthquakes that struck Japan's Kumamoto prefecture on April 16. These facilities are responsible for manufacturing a key component of LCD panels. A few days after the event, the company announced that operations in the area would be stopped while assessments were performed. None of the facilities were found to be seriously damaged, but at the time the company said it hadn’t yet decided when operations would restart, and that it would hold a trial run on April 23 and 24.

Inspections of warehouse stock are still underway; as of April 19, Fujifilm says it has been shipping out products that pass inspections. 'Fujifilm Kyusyu is doing its utmost to resume all operations,' says the company; the rate at which it does so is determined in part by the number and intensity of aftershocks.