If you are in the US you can now create physical photo books through the Google Photos app

At its I/O 2017 conference Google announced a new service that lets Google Photos users create and order physical photo books of their favorite images. Initially, the feature was only available through the Google Photos desktop browser version but now the company has updated the Google Photos apps for iOS and Android to support the photo book service.

You can now order photo books of your favorite albums, which can be created automatically using Google's AI, through the mobile apps. Currently the service is only available in the US where a 7-inch softcover album of 20 pages will cost you $10. The premium 9-inch hardcover version will set you back double that. According to Google, delivery of the finalized book takes only a few days. 

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This seems like an awkward step for such a digital company. I doubt google themselves will print them. Nobody does paper/print anymore.

7 months ago
Clyde Thomas

Nobody prints?
<<<< Say hello to Mr. Nobody.

7 months ago

Printing your everyday photos is rare, but making photo books of special days and events is more common than you might believe.

7 months ago

How is the quality? The service apple used to have was quite nice

7 months ago

I think Apple still does the photo books.

7 months ago
El Chubasco
El Chubasco

Apple still prints books through the Photos app for Mac

7 months ago

Ah ok.
Without iPhoto i stopped looking for it.

7 months ago

I dislike the plain photks ap. It lost its when it lost more than the 'i'

7 months ago

I like Photos over iPhoto because the origanization tools are better and the editing controls are more extensive.

7 months ago

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