Photo Mate, arguably the most comprehensive Raw image editing app for Android, has received a substantial update. Version R3 comes with an all-new rendering engine for both Raw & JPEG editing. This includes improvements to all the important adjustments, such as contrast, shadows, highlights and exposure. With the engine overhaul comes a redesigned user interface, including new gestures for resetting edits, displaying current values and the option to toggle individual editing groups on or off. The latter allows you to better visualize the effect of those editing groups on the image result. 

New editing features include Split-Toning, a selective sharpening tool and a new watermark function that lets you create watermarks using text, png-files and some Exif-data. It's now also possible to create several virtual copies of an image and edit them separately. This allows you to compare the results of the different editing processes and pick your favorite. In addition, version R3 brings 50 new lens profiles and Italian and French language support. The latter is still in beta status.

Photo Mate R3 is now available for $8.09 for new users in the Google Play Store. Users of the previous version R2 can purchase an upgrade at a reduced rate, depending on when you first bought the app. More information on the update is available on the Photo Mate website or in the video below. You can also read our full review of the previous version R2 to get a better idea of how the app works.