Photo by Erik Lucatero

Instagram is testing a bunch of new features, including one very intriguing and long-awaited button that will put several 3rd party apps out of business: the Regram. The new features were published by The Next Web, which was able to obtain screenshots of several feature updates that are still only being tested with small groups of users.

First things first though: Regram. Like Tumblr's Reblog or Facebook's Share, regramming would allow Instagram users to share another user's photo or video with their own followers. Third party apps already allow for a cumbersome version of this, but a built-in button has never existed... until now.

Regram Button Screenshot. Credit: The Next Web

In addition to the Regram, TNW found that Instagram may soon:

  • Allow you to search for and add GIFs to your profile or Instagram Story.
  • Allow iOS users to join a Beta program that will give you early access to upcoming versions of the app.
  • Add an Archive feature for Stories (you can already archive regular posts)
  • Create a "Closest Friends List" that lets you share posts or stories with a smaller more intimate group.
  • Share to WhatsApp
  • Search by Top Hashtag and Top Emoji
  • Follow hashtags, not just other profiles

There is also an "Add Coffee" button that mysteriously popped up in the share page (the same page where you write your caption, select the social media accounts you'd like to share to, and click post). Nobody seems to have any idea what that's about.

To see screenshots of all these features, head over to The Next Web's report by clicking here. And let us know what you think of these new features in the comments down below.