Fujifilm has unveiled its latest development roadmap for X and GF-series lenses, for the company's APS-C and medium-format mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, respectively. A total of 17 lenses are on the roadmap, now including a GF 55mm F1.7 – a standard prime equivalent to 44mm in full-frame terms – and a wide-angle zoom, the GF 20-35mm (equivalent to 16-28mm). Fujifilm has also teased the development of an upcoming tilt-shift lens in the GF line, but we're still waiting for details of focal length and aperture.

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Meanwhile, the APS-C lineup isn't neglected, with several new lenses on the way including the XF 18-120mm (equivalent to 27-183mm in full-frame terms) designed for video creators. Fujifilm isn't giving much away at this stage, but promises the new zoom will provide 'a function to facilitate one-person shooting of full-scale video.' This zoom is joined by another, the XF 150-600mm (equivalent to 229-914mm) which is designed for portability and hand-held use.

That's all we know for now, but we'll publish updates as we receive more information.

Press release:

Fujifilm Unveils Latest Development Roadmap For Interchangeable FUJINON Lenses For FUJIFILM GFX System And X Series Mirrorless Digital Cameras

Valhalla, N.Y., September 2, 2021 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation has unveiled the latest development roadmap for interchangeable FUJINON lenses designed for its GFX System and X Series mirrorless digital cameras.

A total of 17 lenses are on the development roadmap for the GFX System, catering to a variety of photographers with a wide range of needs who want their pictures delivered in ultra-high image quality, only made possible by using a large format sensor.

The first lens added to the GFX System roadmap is the large-aperture prime standard lens “GF 55mm F1.7” (equivalent to 44mm in the 35mm film format). The fast F1.7 lens can be combined with a shallow depth-of-field, produced by the large format sensor, to render the background out-of- focus for a maximum level of creamy bokeh. This lens joins the FUJINON GF80mmF1.7 R WR to expand the lineup of F1.7 lenses.

The second FUJINON lens to be added is the first G Mount ultra-wide-angle zoom lens “GF 20- 35mm” (equivalent to 16mm-28mm in the 35mm film format). “When mounted on a large format GFX System camera, the wide-angle zoom lens can capture every subject detail from wide-angle to ultra-wide-angle with its incredible image-resolving power, inspiring new photographic creativity,” said Victor Ha, senior director of marketing and product development for FUJIFILM North America Corporation’s Electronic Imaging Division.

The third lens Fujifilm is currently developing is a tilt lens designed to meet the expectations of professional photographers. It can tilt and shift the focal plane to correct image distortion and produce distortion-free pictures of architecture, for example, in the ultra-high image quality that only FUJINON GF lenses can deliver.

For X Series, two lenses have been added to Fujifilm’s development roadmap. The first lens is XF 18- 120mm zoom lens (equivalent to 27-183mm in the 35mm film format), designed for video creators. It will be the first XF lens that provides a function to facilitate one-person shooting of full-scale video.

Additionally, XF 150-600mm (equivalent to 229-914mm in the 35mm film format) has been added; an ultra-telephoto zoom that extends the X Series’ longest focal distance among zoom lenses. This lens is a perfect choice in situations that require a long focal distance, such as wildlife photography and sports photography. Its compact and lightweight design, one of the benefits of the X Mount, makes XF 150-600mm highly portable and easy to hand-hold.

These additional lenses bring the total number of X Series interchangeable lenses up to a whopping forty. Fujifilm will continue to enhance its FUJINON lens lineup to address users’ diverse photography needs and to broaden the opportunities for photography creativity and enjoyment.