Apple announced alongside the reveal of its iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max devices that both of these models will eventually be able to shoot ProRes video with a future iOS update. While much remains a mystery regarding what we can expect in terms of quality, it seems we now know how much storage space this ProRes recording will take up (spoiler: a LOT).

According to Input’s Raymond Wong, citing a conversation with Apple, one minute of 4K HDR 10-bit ProRes video shot on an iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max will take up 6GB of storage. This is more than was suggested by MacRumor’s Steve Moser, who shared a screenshot of iOS code that specifically says ‘a minute of 10-bit HDR ProRes is approximately 1GB for HD and 4GB for 4K.’ But even if it only comes in at 4GB, that’s a lot of internal storage to be filling up.

This massive consumption of data is likely the reason Apple will limit ProRes recording on the 128GB models to 1080p instead, as it’s only taking up a quarter of the storage space. Still though, if you plan on shooting a lot of ProRaw video when the feature debuts, you might want to play it safe and go with the 512GB or 1TB model, considering you could get through 256GB of data in just over an hour at 4GB/minute and just under 45 minutes if it ends up being 6GB/minute.