Ever after Instagram decided to abandon its chronological feed and reorder user feeds using an algorithm, it has been difficult to keep track of what you've already seen. This, in turn, keeps some users nervously scrolling through their feeds to make sure they don't miss any important posts from the people they follow. According to TechCrunch, Instagram is testing a new feature that will help alleviate this anxiety.

The feature notifies you when you're all caught up so you can turn your attention to another app or, heaven forbid, even put your phone away. In practice, the feature will be very simple: as you scroll through your feed, you'll get a notification saying "You’re All Caught Up – You’ve seenall new post from the past 48 hours."

In combination with the recently announced "time spent" feature—which will give users a better idea of how much time they spend with the app once implemented—this latest function is aimed at helping Instagramers control and manage their time in a more efficient way.

Of course, one could argue that simply going back to the original chronological feed would have been the simpler solution... but we digress.

In addition to testing 'all caught up', Instagram today introduced a new feature that allows you to mute accounts in pretty much the same way as on parent platform Facebook. You can hide posts in your feed from certain accounts without unfollowing or blocking them, allowing for a more personalized feed.

Like on Facebook, you can still see posts from muted accounts on their profile, and will still be notified if you are tagged in a post or comment. Muted users are not aware of their status and, of course, you can always unmute an account if you've changed your mind.