Over the years, Leica has partnered with LEGO multiple times to create brick-made versions of its popular rangefinder cameras. Now, a new set is available, a pair of LEGO Leica M camera sets.

The LEGO Leica M cameras come in a black and brown variety. Like their respective real-life counterparts, the cameras feature all of the important details you'd expect from a Leica rangefinder: a clear viewfinder, various dials, a shutter, a rear display and even camera strap mounts.

All that's missing is the iconic red dot. But a red permanent marker would get the job done. Alternatively, these could be the LEGO equivalent of Leica's P-series cameras, which forgo the iconic red dot for a more subtle approach.

The cameras are currently listed on the Leica Store Miami website. Both sets retail for $45 USD. The Black/Gray version is available for pre-order while the Brown/Gray version is available for purchase.