Chinese camera accessory manufacturer SIRUI has announced its new carbon fiber AM-2 Travel Tripod series featuring a total of five tripod models. The company describes its new lineup as lightweight, with the largest and heaviest model weighing in at 1.22kg (2.69lbs). The tripods are suitable for uses that range from macro to travel photography, according to the company.

The SIRUI AM-2 Travel Tripod series features the following models:

  • AM-223 ($129.90): 350mm (13.78in) max height, 15kg (33lbs) max load
  • AM-225 ($199.90): 1200mm (47.24in) max height, 6kg (13.23lbs) max load
  • AM-254 ($199.90): 1200mm (47.24in) max height, 12kg (26.46lbs) max load
  • AM-284 ($249.90): 1200mm (47.24in) max height, 15kg (33.07lbs) max load
  • SL-200 ($29.90): 320mm (12.60in) max height, 15kg (33.07lbs) max load

The tripods are resistant to corrosion and have a high level of stability, according to SIRUI. Features vary based on the model, but include anti-slip leg locks, leg angle adjustment buttons, 1/4"-20 accessory port, interchangeable feet for use with metal spikes, included adjustment tools and tripod bag, as well as, in some cases, an included ball head. The AM-2 series can be used with the optional low gravity A-10R ball head priced at $99.90.

The new models are listed on the SIRUI USA website at this time but don't appear to have yet been added to other online stores like Adorama and B&H Photo.