New Carlisle News photojournalist Andy Grimm was shot by Sheriff's Deputy Jake Shaw on Monday after the officer mistook Grimm's camera and tripod for a gun, according to the news organization.

Per New Carlisle News—a local news organization in New Carlisle, Ohio—and Grimm's statements about the incident, Grimm had left the company's office around 10PM to photograph lightning. At some point after this, Grimm witnessed a traffic stop being performed by Shaw, which he decided to photograph. Grimm says he pulled his vehicle into the parking lot of a restaurant near the traffic stop, where he began setting up his tripod and camera "in full view of the deputy."

Despite this, Grimm said, "I turned around towards the cars and then 'pop, pop,'" referencing the gunfire he heard before being shot in the side.

The photographer underwent surgery and is expected to recover. Grimm states that he knows the deputy who shot him and that he doesn't want him to lose his job; however, he says Shaw failed to give him any sort of warning before opening fire. New Carlisle News says that the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is now looking into the incident.