Accessory manufacturer Fotodiox has introduced a battery-powered LED lighting head that uses a Fresnel lens to create a focusing spot function – and the whole thing is as small as a can of soda. The new PopSpot J-500 comes with removable barn doors and can run via the supplied AC adapter or with a NP-F750 video camera battery.

Using only white LEDs the head has a color balance of 5600k (+/- 300) but will accept filters for matching to tungsten or other light sources. The focusing spot allows the beam of light to be varied between 25° and 55° as the lens is rotated, and the output of the light can be controlled using a 0-100% dimmer switch. A fully charged battery can run the light for up to an hour and twenty minutes at 100% power, or three hours and forty five minutes at 50%. The company says that the emittance at the 55° spot is 2258lx, and is 5400lx at the 25° position.

The head measures 8.3 x 8.3 x 21cm (3.3 x 3.3 x 8.3 inches) without the battery and weighs 950g (2.1 lbs), and is available on its own in a three-head kit. The single head costs $274.95 without the battery module and $399.95 with it, while the three-head kit costs $1099.95 including two batteries of each head. For more information see the Fotodiox website.

Press release

Compact LED Light Delivers Power, Control and Dramatic Looks for Photo and Video Projects

Fotodiox Pro, creator and distributor of several lines of specialty solutions for videography, cinematography and photography, has announced the PopSpot Focusable Fresnel – a mighty Fresnel LED light in a tiny package. Roughly the size of a soda can, the PopSpot allows photographers and videographers to focus its powerful beam for fantastic precision, strong contrast and dramatic shadows. It is available now on in three configurations: the PopSpot Focusable Fresnel, the PopSpot Focusable Fresnel + Battery Module, and the PopSpot Focusable Fresnel 3-Light Kit with Rolling Carrying Case.

“The problem with most Fresnel lights is they’re typically quite bulky, heavy and fragile, and they get screaming hot to the touch,” said Bohus Blahut, marketing director for Fotodiox Pro. “But our new PopSpot Focusable Fresnel does away with those pitfalls by combining power and control in a form factor about the size of a pop can. A simple twist focuses the PopSpot's output from a 55° to 25° beam angle, and removable barn doors offer further control of the shape and direction of the light. We’ve even included a slot for a slide-in tungsten filter.”

Not only is the PopSpot an ideal light for tabletop shooting or as a rim or hair light, it can be used as a primary light in many shooting scenarios. Its compact size and lightweight build offers flexibility in mounting, positioning, and concealing, and allows it to travel virtually anywhere. The PopSpot runs off either conventional AC power or an optional battery module for on-the-go lighting, and remains cool throughout use.

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