Miyazaki san of MS Optics fame has released his latest M-mount lens, the Elnomaxim 55mm F1.2.

Bellamy Hunt over at Japan Camera Hunter is still working to translate the details of the lens, but what is known at this point is that the lens uses a gauss type optical design with an extremely simple formula. Specifically, the lens is Miyazaki san’s take on the Zeiss 50mm F2 Sonnar lens originally designed for the Zeiss Contax I rangefinder.

The entirely manual lens features an aperture range of F1.2 through F16, has a minimum focusing distance of one meter (3.25ft) and has a 49mm front filter thread. The lens measures in at 50mm diameter, 43mm long and weighs 180g (6.35oz).

Japan Camera Hunter has shared a few sample photos captured with the lens:

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As is the case with most MS Optics lenses, this thing isn’t going to win any sharpness contests, but it has character.

The Elnomaxim 55mm F1.2 lens for M-mount is available in black chrome and silver chrome, and is currently available to order from Japan Camera Hunter for $1,200. Units are being produced in small batches, so expect stock to come and go.