Photographer Luke Sharratt uses Snapheal to make his subjects appear to fly. 

Mobile photographers can make magic happen in the palm of their hands using a wide array of interesting techniques. One popular spell is levitation photography; subjects appear to float or fly as they are frozen in unlikely positions midair. The #levitation tag currently garners more than 30,000 results on Statigram. 

Photographer Luke Sharratt used Snapheal to remove a stool that held up the model in this image.

While there are many ways to accomplish this photographic feat -- including by just jumping very well and freezing the action as teenage photographer Natsumi Hayashi, called "Tokyo's Levitating Girl," supposedly does with her Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a timer -- a little software wizardry may also come in handy. Photographer Luke Sharratt has paired with the desktop app for Mac Snapheal to show off its gravity-defying capabilities. Snapheal has begun sharing Sharratt's results on its blog, which look lovely, but we're most interested to see the method behind his magic. 

Whether using a mobile device or DSLR, you too can try levitation photography, with or without software assistance -- the Internet is rife with levitation tutorials