Unlike many Android phones, Apple's iPhones don't come with microSD slots or other expandable storage. iPhone users who do not trust the cloud can therefore have a hard time backing up photos, videos, contacts and other types of content from the their devices.

To make local backup easier on iPhone users, Western Digital has introduced a creative solution: The SanDisk iXpand Base. This iPhone dock enables users to automatically back up their files while their phone charges. The device combines a 15W charger with a built-in harddrive and offers up to 250GB capacity.

Simply plug the iPhone in and leave it on the rubberized surface while charging. Data is backed up automatically and can be restored via a dedicated app. This works with previously set up iPhones, but also brand new devices, making it a useful option for data transfer when you're upgrading to a new iPhone model.

Prices start at $50 and go as high as $200 depending on capacity.