YouTube Photoshop tutor Colin Smith has shared a video in which he demonstrates ten tips for making the application run more smoothly.

His tips on the Photoshop Cafe YouTube channel include ways to streamline the program’s interface as well as methods to assign more memory to help with intensive tasks. One of the best tips shows how to avoid processes that use more memory than is necessary when we are copying one image on to another.

The tutorial is aimed at new users, but out of the ten tips there is bound to be one or two that even more advanced users aren’t aware of or hadn’t thought of. Smith claims his final tip will solve 99% of problems most users have with the software. Below is a rundown of the ten tips and their respective timestamps in the video:

0:48 - Remove the welcome screen
1:30 - Shrink the New Document window
2:00 - Increase recent documents up to 100
2:48 - Increase how much RAM Photoshop uses
3:20 - Fix varies display issues
3:50 - Go back to legacy compositing
4:20 - Tweak your scratch disk settings
5:42 - Don't copy and paste
6:43 - Free up resources
7:44 - The 'fix all' solution (and bonus tip)

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