Off-the-wall photographic company Lomography has introduced a 35mm film camera that shoots 104mm long panoramic images through a lens that we are encouraged to fill with water. The company claims the HydroChrome Sutton’s Panoramic Belair camera is the world’s first 35mm format panoramic camera with a liquid-filled lens. Not surprising you might think, but they had to specify ‘35mm’ as in 1859 pioneering British photographer Thomas Sutton invented a panoramic camera with a water-filled lens that recorded on curved plates.

The camera has a plastic body and a lens that offers the angle of view of a 32mm. There is a chamber in the lens construction that allows users to add a liquid of their choice to create unusual effects. The liquid as such doesn’t form part of the focusing characteristics of the lens so much as operates as a form of filter. Clear water delivers a low saturation washed-out look, while adding weak coffee creates a sepia feel. Lomography recommends colored food dyes, tea and even diluted soy milk!

Images record across the entire width of the 35mm film used in the camera, so the emulsion around sprocket holes is exposed too allowing users to include the holes in their picture or to crop them off. Focus is fixed and the lens has an aperture of F11. Other smaller apertures can be achieved with the use of aperture plates, and shutter speeds are limited to 1/100sec, B(ulb) and T(ime). Cable release and tripod sockets help to keep the camera still during long exposures as well as for multiple exposures, and a hot shoe and a PC socket provide the means for a burst of flash.

Below are a handful of sample images, provided by Lomography:

The Lomography HydroChrome Sutton’s Panoramic Belair Camera is available now and costs $79 / £75. For more information see the Lomography website.

Press release:

The Lomography hydroChrome SuTTon’S panoramiC BeLair Camera


  • The world’s first 35 mm format panoramic camera with a liquid- filled lens
  • Unique experimental lens to step up your creativity and craft unexpected liquid effects
  • A fixed-focus lens with extra aperture plates for versatile renderings
  • Undeniably analogue aesthetic with lomo vignetting and perforated edges across panoramic shots
  • A fun introduction to experimental photography suitable for all creative spirits

An inspiring new invention, the HydroChrome Sutton’s Panoramic Belair Camera combines some of Lomography’s best-loved features into one exciting analogue innovation.
The sweeping panoramic perspective of the Belair body meets the thrilling and unpredictable effects of the Sutton Liquid Lens with exposed sprocket holes to boot. Affordable, ingenious and incredibly simple to use with almost no need for settings, this new edition to the Lomography camera family invites creative spirits and first-time photographers alike to dive into an ocean of colorful experimentation.

The HydroChrome soaks up the scenery and drenches spectacular sprawling shots with special liquid looks. The unique Sutton lens lets you inject liquid into a
circular dial, creating distinctive filters and luscious liquified scenes. With just the simple addition of clear water, you can achieve vintage aesthetics, washed-out tones and radiant blur too – every concoction creates unprecedented, unpredictable effects. Check out the HydroChrome Liquid Guide for inspiration and tips.

The HydroChrome makes experimenting easy. As well as a totally unique lens, this camera comes with a further two built-in features to explore – sprocket holes and panoramic exposures. Artistic minds can let their imagination run wild as they craft panoptic shots complete with lo-fi dreamy aesthetics, authentically analogue perforated edges, and extraordinary liquid effects, all on easy-to-use 35 mm film. Creative photographers can also experiment with multiple, long and pinhole exposures as well as four interchangeable aperture plates for versatility in a variety of lighting conditions.


Film Type: Standard 35 mm film
Exposure Area: 104 mm × 35 mm
Lens Angle of View: 32 mm
Aperture: f/11 with f/16, f/22, f/32 & f/168 pinhole aperture plates
Focus: Fixed-Focus Lens
Focus Range: Focus-Free, 1.5 m – Infinity
Shutter Speed: N (1/100), B (Bulb) T-Shutter: Individual T-Shutter Lever
Viewfinder: Sports Viewfinder
Multiple Exposure: Yes
Tripod Socket Thread: Standard Tripod Socket
Flash Sync: PC-Sync Socket & Hot-Shoe
Cable Release Socket: Yes
Price: 79 USD