The folks at Newsshooter recently published a demonstration of Multi Turret, a rotating mount that enables camera operators to quickly toggle between three different lenses. The Multi Turret originates from cinematographer Ian Kerr CSC, according to Newsshooter, and was showcased at NAB 2019.

Multi Turret is currently in the prototype stage; versions have been created that are compatible with the Sony FS7 Mk2, A7S/R, Venice, and other alpha-mount cameras. According to a website dedicated to the Multi Turret, future models compatible with Arri and Red cameras are expected 'shortly.'

The prototype demonstrated to Newsshooter supports three Canon EF lenses, but other versions that support PL, K, F, and other mounts 'are likely also possible,' according to the Multi Turret site. Switching between lenses only requires the camera operator to rotate the mount, which repositions a different lens in front of the camera.

According to Kerr, who has registered the design with the USPTO, Multi Turret enables users to:

  • Switch quickly between lenses (prime or lightweight zoom) without an assistant, lens case or incurring the wrath of a director who won’t wait for a conventional lens change.
  • Select from multiple focal lengths while still using primes and the depth of field/ low-light capabilities they provide.
  • Select from a wider range of field of views (and speeds) than any zoom can provide. An example would be mounting 14mm, 35mm and 135mm high-speed lenses.
  • The length, weight and centre of gravity of the system is reduced compared to larger ratio zoom lenses. Great for shooting in cars or handheld.
  • The Multi Turret allows for the conversion of lens mount types and camera mount types. For example, you could mount a PL mount lens, and EF lens and an F mount lenses on the same turret and switch rapidly between them.
  • Love that unique visual “swing” effect that occurs when you switch between lenses.
  • Customize your lens package for the scene you’re shooting. Wildlife at night? All long primes! In-car work? A short zoom, a 20mm and a 35mm or whatever you prefer. Throw a Swing/ Tilt or Lens Baby in the mix!

Multi Turret is only a prototype at this time and therefore is not available commercially. Anyone interested in knowing more about the prototype and what lead to its creation can check out the team's Multi Turret Manifesto.