MASV, a cloud data transfer service targeted at media professionals, has been rebuilt from scratch, the company has announced. Its new MASV 3.0 product uses Amazon Web Services as its new cloud provider and now features 160, rather than 10, servers around the world. MASV rebuilt it uploader code and promises average upload speeds faster than Dropbox, Google Drive, and WeTransfer.

In addition to improving its speed and number of servers, MASV 3.0 features a new user interface utilizing Google's Material Design framework while retaining the features from product version 2.0. MASV 3.0 also adds mobile support for uploading, downloading, and managing content.

The service has retained its pay-as-you-go billing model, though the service now charges based on how much data is downloaded instead of how much is uploaded. Users can upload data for free and will be charged $0.25 per gigabyte downloaded by the recipient. MASV also provides its users with 'portals,' enabling recipients to pay for the cost of a file they download from someone else.

Users can sign up for MASV 3.0 now. Charges only apply when a recipient downloads content shared by the user.