A new blockchain-based service called Arcane Photos has launched as an alternative to Google Photos and other cloud-based options for uploading and storing images. The new service is a server-free decentralized solution offering users encryption to protect images from potential data breaches and other privacy issues.

Arcane Photos utilizes the Blockstack decentralized computing network to provide users with access to the new photo-storing service. In a post on Product Hunt, the product's creator Walterion explained:

‘The most challenging part for us was designing a blockchain app that doesn't look like a blockchain app! We wanted to make the transition from centralized to decentralized solutions as smoothly as possible. That is where Blockstack comes in to help us with a secure and decentralized authentication service, working on Bitcoin blockchain.Æ

Arcane Photos can be used in any modern web browser and is joined by free office products similarly based on blockchain tech. The service's primary downside at this time appears to be a lack of options for purchasing more storage; 10GB won't last long for users who store large full-resolution images.