A view of the 'Saved' post section of the iOS Instagram app, also known as 'Collections.'

Two years ago, Instagram released a feature called Collections that enables users to privately group posts together for organized safekeeping. The company now appears to be testing a new setting that would allow these users to make their Collections public. The discovery was made by software engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who has an excellent history with uncovering unannounced features in mobile apps.

The new public setting for Collections is not available to users, but Wong recently published a screenshot of what the feature currently looks like. Instagram told TechCrunch that it is not testing the feature, which indicates it is still in development. It's possible the new option may appear for some users in the future when (if) public testing starts.

With the public option, Instagram users would be able to create curated Collections featuring a variety of content from different Instagram users. Based on the above screenshot, it appears Instagram would enable users to add contributors to their public Collections.

Public Collections would help address the issue of unauthorized content sharing via screenshots, as well as offering an alternative to Pinterest 'boards.' As with any unannounced feature, it's possible the final product will differ from the version still in development. Likewise, Instagram may scrap the project and never release the 'public' Collections setting.