Ahead of the holiday shopping season comes a new catalog of gifts from Canon Japan. The gifts are styled after the camera company's existing gear, including a coffee mug and travel thermos designed to resemble lenses, a pair of miniature USB flash drives that resemble classic Canon cameras, a photo album and thermal bottle with an illustrated history of Canon's camera collection, a lunch bag styled after a camera bag, and a picnic mat with illustrations.

All eight products, plus a gift set, are available from Canon Japan now for the following prices:

  • Lens Mug MG001:¥3500
  • Lens Mug MG002:¥2500
  • Mini F-1 16GB USB: ¥9,980
  • Mini IVSb 8GB USB: ¥8980
  • Photo album: ¥1800
  • Thermal bottle: ¥3780
  • Lunch bag: ¥1580
  • Picnic mat: ¥3780
  • Mug Gift Set: ¥5,800

Check them out for yourself below: