Airspace management company AirMap announced the release of real-time geofencing alerts in its AirMap for Drones mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

The new feature alerts pilots visually and/or verbally when their drone is approaching airspace that is unsafe or areas where drone flying is not permitted. AirMap uses data from organizations such as civil aviation authorities, air navigation service providers and local authorities to build its databases and airspace maps.

AirMap says real-time geofencing will soon get the ability to prevent drones from entering unsafe operating area or leaving its flight path, instead of just sending out alerts. Pilots will have to opt in to activate this function.

In addition to implementing real-time geofencing alerts in its own app, AirMap is also making the feature available to other developers and OEMs as a mobile SDK for iOS and Android, allowing them to 'to build services enhancing flight safety, compliance and overall experience for their users.'

Real-time geofencing alerts are currently only available for users of DJI drones when operating in the AirMap for Drones fly mode. More information can be found on the AirMap website.