Starting today, Adobe Lightroom is available in the Mac App Store. This marks the first time one of Adobe's flagship Creative Cloud apps is available within Apple's redesigned desktop app market.

Adobe lists two in-app purchases within the Adobe Lightroom listing: a $9.99 monthly subscription option and a $118.99 annual subscription option.

A screenshot of the Adobe Lightroom app listing in the Mac App Store.

Adobe says the first week of using Lightroom, which comes with 1TB of cloud-based storage, is free. After the first week, the recurring monthly payment is automatically charged to your iTunes account. As with other macOS subscriptions, you can turn off auto-renew in your ‘Account Settings’ within 24 hours before the end of your billing period and you won't be charged for the renewal.

Alternatively, if you already have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription that includes Lightroom, you can also log into your account after downloading Lightroom from the Mac App Store.

The $9.99 monthly subscription is the same price in the Mac App Store as it is on Adobe's own website while the $118.99 annual subscription option is just shy of a dollar cheaper than the annual prepaid plan Adobe offers on its Creative Cloud website.1

Adobe's decision to keep the prices the same is an interesting one considering Apple is known to take a 30% cut of in-app purchases made within its desktop and mobile app stores for the first year and 15% cut for each year after that. Even with the decrease in revenue though, it's safe to say Adobe isn't hurting, considering its stock is at an all-time high after a record-breaking Q2.

1 Adobe has the annual Lightroom prepaid plan listed for $119.88

Update (June 20, 2019): Added text to clarify that you can log into your existing Creative Cloud membership even when downloading Lightroom through the Mac App Store.