The original Lumecube, an ultra-portable lighting solution aimed at mobile photographers, vloggers, and action cam users, was introduced back in 2014. Since then the company has launched several follow-up products, including the ultra-small and light Lumecube Air and the Lumecube Strobe for drone users.

Now the company has released new version of the original, the Lumecube 2.0. The new light comes with app-control via Bluetooth, a waterproof and rugged aluminum body and a low light mode for long exposure photography.

Like the original, the 2.0 version is approximately golf ball sized and amits daylight balanced (5600K and 95+ CRI) light. The new lens was designed to provide an 80 degree beam angle and minimize hotspots. The battery is USB-charged and provides 1.5 hours of runtime at max output.

The light is controlled via an Android or iOS app from a distance of up to 60 feet (approximately 18m) but also offers two hardware buttons to increase and decrease brightness.

There are also a 360 degree optical sensor for slave flash capability, a tripod mount and a variety of included accessories, including a hotshoe mount, warming gel and a diffuser. Lumecube 2.0 is available now for $89.95. More information is available on the Lumecube website.