Fujifilm has issued a service advisory for select GFX 100 camera units that are suffering from a defective shutter button.

According to the advisory, certain GFX 100 units suffer from an issue with the locking mechanism of the integrated vertical grip that can prevent the shutter from being locked to prevent accidental exposures. The advisory reads:

FUJIFILM Corporation has become aware that some users of the new FUJIFILM GFX 100 have experienced a loosening of the side shutter release “lock” function contained on the built-in vertical grip. The result of this loosening is that the side shutter will no longer effectively lock, and photo capture may be triggered unintentionally. Another result is that tiny parts could become loose within the camera body and potentially interfere with camera functionality.

Fujifilm says it ‘anticipates’ only ‘a very small percentage of GFX 100 cameras that have been shipped to date worldwide may be affected by this loosening.’ Listed below is a range of serial numbers that Fujifilm believes could be affected by this issue:

• 92001001-92001975 (excluding 92001830, 92001832, 92001833)
• 93001001-93001034, 93001038, 93001039, 93001041, 93001046
• 92A01001-92A01525
• 92M01001-92M01027

An image provided by Fujifilm in the service advisory showing the location of the serial number on GFX 100 units.

In addition to apologizing for the inconvenience, Fujifilm says ‘some cameras’ within the above serial number ranges were already fixed before being sold and suggests contacting your local Fujifilm support/service center to confirm whether or not the adjustments have been made.