Developing film isn't necessarily a difficult task. But it is time-consuming and, generally speaking, it tends to require a decent bit of space and equipment to get started. Industrial designer Thomas Müller is hoping to change that, with a clever device he calls the Kanton DX35.

This tabletop device is a 'smart home solution to develop your colour as well as black and white films in both 35mm and 120 [film] without the need of a darkroom.' The Kanton DX35 is little more than a concept right now, but Müller hints it could become more by asking consumers to sign up for more information when 'further progress' is made. Whatever stage of development it's in, it's quite the setup.

To load film, it's simply a matter of adjusting the reel to fit your roll of 35mm or 120 film and slipping it back into the container. Once it's in the container, it'll automatically unwind the film in complete darkness. Once unwound, it's a quick cut of the film with the integrated cutter, and you're on your way to the next step.

Development is aided by a dial and screen that automatically heats up the chemicals to the correct temperature and lets you know when you need to switch out the chemicals, pending your development method of choice. Step by step, the Kanton DX35 guides you through the process of adding the required chemicals to container and automatically agitating the film inside the container to get an even development.

Once the film is developed and chemicals are back in their places, it's simply a matter of giving it a rinse and removing the reel from the container. Below is a visual step-by-step guide provided by Müller:

Sure, this concept doesn't account for all of the intricacies of developing film, but for a device that doesn't take up much more space than a coffee maker, it looks pretty impressive.

To sign up for updates from Müller on the Kanton DX35, head on over to his product page and sign up. If he ever decides to bring it to life, you'll be the first to know.