Despite having claimed the channel name back in 2011, film photography expert Bellamy Hunt, better known as Japan Camera Hunter across the internet, only recently started posting videos to the Japan Camera Hunter YouTube channel. Much like the Japan Camera Hunter website, the Youtube channel is dedicated to all things film photography and in just the past two months, Hunt and his team have gotten out nine videos to help kickstart the channel.

As it stands, the channel currently consists of nine concise ‘Camera Geekery’ videos, which are quick summaries of cameras (and one lens) Hunt has sitting around his shop. The videos range from just under a minute to over three minutes and highlight unique features and historical backgrounds for each of the cameras. They’re quick to get through, but provide wonderful insight into just a few of the many cameras Hunt has on hand. Below are three more of the nine videos on the channel at this time:

Canonet QL17 GIII

Yashica Mat 124G

Plaubel Makina 670

In a blog post announcing the YouTube channel, Hunt notes the videos ‘are a work in progress,’ and goes on to say there are already ‘more cameras in the pipeline and [they are] are always open to (reasonable) suggestions.’ To view the rest of the videos and to subscribe, head on over to the Japan Camera Hunter YouTube channel.