Fog Waves: Capturing Nature in Motion
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Fog Waves: Capturing Nature in Motion

Imperial Flow by Nick Steinberg

As you can see the fog kind of arcs up in that one spot. What amazes me most about fog is the fact that no two shots are ever the same. This is what I call, “subtlety of movement” where there are small windows of opportunity with fog as it evaporates, moves in, and undulates. This requires decisive action, tests your skills, and requires one to be “present” in the moment, and “ride” along with it.

Landscape and cityscape photographers have a love/hate relationship with the fog that inundates the San Francisco Bay area. It can make for some spectacular and moody photos, but it can also leave the area un-shootable – that is unless you seek higher ground. Nick Steinberg and other photographers in the Bay Area have formed a group that they call the "Fogaholics".

The group consists of around 20 photographers that watch forecasts religiously and seek out the best foggy shooting conditions possible. When the fog rolls in, they make their way to Mt. Tamalpais, which sits at 2,572ft above sea level. This unique vantage point gives them the opportunity to photograph some amazingly beautiful conditions. With the help of an ND filter and exposure times sometimes exceeding two minutes, Nick is able to capture the fog waves as they make their way inland.

To see more of Nick's work be sure to visit his website and Instagram.