Google is offering Pixel 2 buyers a special perk that allows them to store an unlimited number of full-resolution photos and videos through Google Photos, but it comes with a catch. Fine print listed at the bottom of Google's Pixel 2 product page notes that the free unlimited full-res storage is only available until 2020; at that point, the handsets will revert to Google Photos' typical 'high-quality' unlimited storage option.

'High-quality' is the term Google uses to denote a 1080p video resolution and 16MP image resolution.

Google Photos allows any user to upload an unlimited number of photos and videos at up to this high-quality threshold; anything that exceeds it is compressed when uploaded and that compressed version is stored. The Pixel 2 will sidestep this restriction, but only for a couple years.

Non-Pixel phone users can upload full-resolution videos and images for free up to a 15GB threshold. Once that threshold is reached—or, for Pixel 2 owners, once 2020 arrives—additional storage space can be purchased starting at $2/month (depending on location).