Online e-learning platform Alison has launched a new course aimed at those who want to build their own camera drones. Over four modules the course claims to teach students about the components that go into a drone and their functions, as well as how to assemble, check and fly your own quadcopter.

The course uses video tutorials that already exist on Drones Garage but adds step-by-step summaries and introductions to guide students through the information. Students must take an assessment at the end of the course to ensure knowledge has been retained and a score of 80% has to be achieved to pass. Those who pass can buy a certificate or download a free PDF that shows a record of what courses have been taken and passed.

The course is free to take after sign-up as most of the content already exists and pre-roll adverts fund the site. For more information see the Alison e-learning website.

Press release

Aerial photography and exploration: Discovering drone technology

  • Alison launches free course on building your own drone
  • Hobbyists use the course to build drones and use them to take stunning aerial photos and video
  • Multinationals and governments are piloting the use of drones for deliveries, surveillance and much more

Alison, one of the world’s largest free e-learning platforms, has announced the launch of a new course teaching people how to build their own drones. Aimed at beginners, the course is taught by experts through a series of videos.

Mike Feerick, CEO of Alison, said: “On a personal level, I find the ever-expanding field of drone technology absolutely fascinating. The opportunity for UAVs to transform industry is extraordinary; from providing new sources to journalists and delivering orders, to criminal surveillance and assisting the emergency services with search and rescue operations.”

The course teaches students how to build a Rush 4 drone for the first time. The curriculum involves learning about the process of preparing the motors, electronic speed controllers and power distribution board. Learners are also guided on how the first-person view is attached in order to film while flying the drone.

Finally, students learn about the steps that need to be taken before flying a drone, and introduced to the software tools that can prepare the drone for flying.

Mike added: “I’m excited by the idea of giving people the ability to put something this powerful together with their own hands, but also by the beauty it can capture – from photographing the coastline at angles that were previously impossible, to taking videos of kids’ birthday parties. There is a seemingly endless range of uses for these devices.”
The course is available here.

About Alison

Alison is one of the world’s largest free online learning platforms, providing free education to more than 10 million registered learners worldwide. Alison is a for-profit social enterprise with a goal to drive the cost of education and skills training to zero.
Headquartered in Galway, Ireland, Alison was founded by CEO Mike Feerick, social entrepreneur, Ashoka fellow (2010) and Harvard MBA. Alison has over one million registered learners in the United States, United Kingdom, and India with 180,000 registered learners in Ireland.

* UNESCO Award for Innovation in ICT for Education (2011)
* World Innovation Summit for Education Award (2013)
* Finalist ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year’ World Economic Forum/Schwab Awards (2016)