We’ve already seen purported images and rumored specs of DJI’s impending compact drone. Now, a video posted to YouTube shows off what appears to be the same device detailed in the previously-reported photographs.

Originally posted to TikTok by a user of a closed Facebook group dedicated to DJI drone equipment and subsequently uploaded to YouTube, the 23-second video shows a drone that appears to be the rumored ‘DJI Mavic Mini.’ On the front of the light grey drone is a white DJI logo. The arms of the drone are collapsed in their stored position and appear to have the protective tape still wrapped around them. The front and bottom obstacle avoidance sensors can also be seen in the video as the drone is rotated around.

Interestingly, the area of the drone where the camera/gimbal would normally be installed appears to be missing. As noted by DroneDJ, it’s unknown whether it’s ‘been removed or has not yet been installed on this particular drone.’ The battery door appears identical to the one shown off in the previous images we’ve seen and show the same placement for the USB connector and Micro USB port.

Between our last post and this one, a leaked spec sheet has also been revealed that appears to contradict the initial report that the impending drone will weigh more than 250g. According to the purported spec sheet, the drone will come in at 245g, putting it under the FAA’s weight limit for registration requirements. DroneDJ has shared a follow-up article detailing why this is even more likely be the case considering DJI’s statements at its May 2019 event titled ‘Elevating Safety: Protecting the Skies in the Drone Era.’

Whatever the case is, there’s a lot of smoke hovering around the DJI rumor mill. Now the question is how much longer before the flames are found?