Last week, we highlighted an awesome DIY project by Jim Skelton that combined the stylish folding Polaroid Model 455 camera with the film back mechanism of a Fujifilm Instax 100 instant camera. If you're interested in the concept but don't want to break down a pair of cameras yourself, Newland's ongoing Kickstarter campaign channels the spirit of Skelton's DIY camera with an adapter for older folding cameras to use new Polaroid instant film.

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After five years of development, the Newland is a non-destructive, reversible way to breathe new life into a Polaroid 100-400 land camera. The 100-400 series land cameras were first made in the late 1960s and utilize a sharp lens and rangefinder to deliver high-quality images. They're also easy to use and stylish, so the Newland team wanted to develop a way to keep using them with modern instant film.

You can use Polaroid SX-70 / 600 and i-Type film with a wide range of vintage cameras. The full list of compatible models is available here and includes about 30 cameras.

The conversion kit primarily comprises the gears and rollers to be able to crank instant film through your land camera. To install the Newland Camera to the back of your land camera, you must remove the mounting pin that holds the older back in place and then swap in the Newland back adapter. You then replace the pin, and the camera is ready to go. If you decide to return your camera to its original condition, it's easy to do.

The DIY conversion process is non-destructive and reversible

Depending on your camera, you may need to adjust the speed setting to use new instant film. The existing viewfinder should maintain an accurate view for new instant film. After you press the shutter release, you crank the development lever until the film comes out of the camera, and then you have your image, with no need for any manual development process.

The Newland Camera has already more than doubled its $25,000 goal with 15 days left in the campaign. The most affordable backing option available is €290, or about $295. The Newland adapter is expected to ship in June 2023. For more information and to view backing options, visit Kickstarter. To stay up to date with the project, visit Newland's website.

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