Swedish medium-format camera manufacturer Hasselblad has announced it is dropping the price of all its H series lenses until the 31st March. The discount applies to all HC and HCD lenses, and gives buyers 15% off the usual prices.

The HC and HCD ranges include fixed and zoom lenses designed to be used on the Hasselblad H cameras, including the current H5D 50c Wi-Fi but also going back to the H1 film body. The savings mean the 35-90mm F4-5.6 HCD Aspherical zoom, which is the most expensive of the range will cost $6936 instead of $8160 – a discount of $1224 – while the standard 80mm F2.8 HC lens drops by $445.50, from $2970 to $2524.50.

It is hard to tell whether the offer really will finish at the end of the month as Hasselblad has a habit of announcing short-term discounts that then become the standard price. The new CEO Perry Oosting said recently that price is definitely an issue for the company and that introducing lower costs to ownership, such as the Christmas discount on the H5D 50c Wi-Fi, brings new customers to the brand.

For more information about the company’s lenses and to find a retailer visit the Hasselblad website.