In July 2017, lighting company Bowens confirmed it had gone into liquidation after 94 years of business, ultimately succumbing to the market's growing competition and changes in consumer purchase trends. The closure followed Bowens' 2016 acquisition by European investment company AURELIUS, which also purchased Calumet in the same year to form the Calumet Wex subsidiary.

Bowens has officially returned as a brand under Wex Photo Video with its relaunch of the Bowens XMT500 Flash Head and Twin Head Kit. Wex Photo Video is the exclusive destination for the relaunched Bowens products.

The revived XMT500 Flash Head is described as an 'all-in-one battery location flash' that features HSS and TTL tech, recycling times as fast as 0.01 seconds, sync delay from 0.01 to 30 seconds, and support for shutter speeds up to 1/8000s. Other features include the option to fully automate the light settings, eight stops of power, and a battery capacity substantial enough to power 500 full-power flashes per charge.

Buyers can order the Bowens XMT500 Flash Head from Wex Photo Video now for £699; the company is also offering an XMT500 Twin Head Kit for £1,399. This is a substantial decrease from the model's original £1,199 price.