If you appreciate the practicality of a photo vest but aren't really into the beige or khaki safari design of most traditional models, the new COOPH photo vest might be worth a closer look.

The vest features a more modern reversible padded design and comes in several color options. There are plenty of storage options for gear, accessories and smaller lenses. COOPH also says the vest is easy to fold and carry when not worn. The outer material is a rip-stop fabric and sheep wool is used for insulation.

Despite the attractive design touches, the vest's real highlight feature is smartphone controlled built-in heating. The optional THERM-IC Heating System warms the hand pockets and heats kidney, back and stomach regions.

It is compatible with any 5V USB power bank and can be used as a simple "dumb" heating system. However, if you add the THERM-IC bluetooth dongle into the mix, it becomes smartphone-controllable. A dedicated app lets you control the temperature and a motion control mode provides more heat when you are static and reduces power while you are moving. An eco mode delivers a constant level of heat for best energy efficiency.

COOPH claims an approximate five hours runtime with its own THERM-IC 5200 mAh battery. Vest and heating system (including battery and dongle) are available as a bundle for approximately $440 (389 Euros). More information can be found on the COOPH website.