Redditor KevlarYarmulke shared an image featuring an early version of the 'selfie' on Reddit's r/OldSchoolCool subreddit last week. The photograph, which is simply dated as '1900s,' features what appears to be a family portrait also showing the photographer who took the picture. Including both the photographer and the subjects in the photo was made possible by the clever use of a large mirror positioned on a tree stump.

This is potentially one of the oldest known photos showing a mirror-based selfie, joining Robert Cornelius' 1839 self-portrait believed to be the first 'selfie' ever taken.

A number of portraits have appeared on Reddit's OldSchoolCool subreddit demonstrating the film camera and mirror technique. Last month, for example, a user by the name 'WillianGBishop' shared a 1960s image of his grandfather taking a self-portrait with a Miranda camera and a mirror. Various users have also shared a photo reportedly from the 1940s titled 'Wartime Selfie' that features a couple taking a self-portrait in a mirror.

Via: Fstoppers