Delkin has launched the BLACK USB 3.0 Rugged, a large memory card reader featuring both microSD and SD UHS-II card slots.  This is the first rugged memory card reader offering both of these slots in a single device, according to Delkin, making it a suitable model for on-the-go photographers who are frequently in 'strenuous shooting environments.'

In addition to support both USH-II SD and microSD cards, the BLACK USB 3.0 Rugged has a larger Compact Flash UDMA 7 memory card slot. Transfer speeds reach up to 500MB/s, which Delkin says is ten times the speed of USB 2.0. All three card slots can be used at the same time, while the USB transfer cord and one of each type of flash card can be stored inside of the media card reader when not in use.

The card reader itself is made from both plastic and aluminum with a rubber cover that shields the device from water, dust, and impacts caused by bumps and drops. If the BLACK USB 3.0 Rugged does break at any point within its 5-year warranty period, Delkin will ship a replacement to the customer within 48 hours. The model is available now exclusively within authorized retail camera stores; price isn't clear at this time.

Via: PhotographyBLOG