Photo by Brothers Le, CC-BY-2.0

Singer Bruno Mars recently shared a childhood photo of himself from 1989, and now the photographer behind the photo, Catherine McGann, is suing him for copyright infringement. The image was shared by Mars back in June on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, amassing more than a million 'likes' and thousands of comments.

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As of this writing, it's still live on the pop star's Instagram account:

A post shared by Bruno Mars (@brunomars) on

The lawsuit, which was first surfaced via TMZ, is being leveled against both Mars and record label Warner Music. According to McGann, Mars never asked for permission to share the image on his social media accounts, and the lawsuit seeks any and all profits made from the image's use, plus damages.

A look at McGann's Instagram page shows that she posted a version of the image with a copyright notice on November 3rd, 2016.