App and mobile lens maker Moment has launched a substantial update to its Pro Camera app for Android and iOS devices.

Both the Android and iOS versions now come with Focus Peaking and the new Zebra Stripes feature. Just like on standalone-cameras with the same features, sharp edges will be highlighted in the preview image when focusing manually. Additionally over or underexposed areas in the preview image are indicated using an overlaid stripe pattern.

The Android app has received a few additional goodies and now comes with Split Focus and Exposure. This offers better control over challenging lighting situations by allowing you to set exposure and focus points to different areas of the scene.

A new live RGB Histogram helps dialing in color, balance, and exposure when shooting video and you can now capture both a RAW and JPG image at the same time. Moment says this also speeds up the image preview in Raw mode.

Other improvements include a redesign of the camera roll and improved support for OnePlus devices as well as the Samsung Galaxy S10.

In terms of pricing the iOS app has been changed from a 'freemium' model to a paid download and will set you back $5.99 in the App Store. The Android version remains a paid download and is $3.99 on Google Play.