Canon US has published two new videos that show off the low-light capabilities of several of its camera models. The company says “See Beyond Darkness and See the Light showcase the capabilities of Canon imaging technology which enables researchers, professional photographers, cinematographers and enthusiasts to shoot impactful clear and crisp imagery, even when masked in darkness due to extremely low-light conditions."

In “See Beyond Darkness” Director of Photography Andy Casagrande records images of a rare biofluorescent turtle found only in the remote, unspoiled reefs of the Solomon Islands, using the Canon ME20F-SH Multipurpose Camera and EOS-1D X DSLR. In "See the Light" Canon cameras were used to capture the beauty of bioluminescent creatures under the sea, the grandeur of the extremely difficult-to-photograph Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), and the wonder of the earth from far above it. Canon’s EOS C300 Mark II, ME20F-SH, and EOS C500 were used to capture all of the imagery in this video.

In addition to the videos you can view a gallery of still images and behind-the-scenes videos for See Beyond Darkness and See the Light on the Canon US website.