As promised earlier this month, Camera Bits has released Photo Mechanic 6, a major update to the company's image ingestion software. A free trial is available to download for new users on Windows and macOS, while 'qualified' existing customers can upgrade for $89 USD. A new software license is priced at $139 USD. For users who purchased Photo Mechanic 5 in 2018 will receive a license key for Photo Mechanic 6 for free.

Photo Mechanic 6 brings a large number of big and small improvements, including the previously announced 64-bit support, the ability to ingest images from selection, better image caching, full-screen support for Preview and Contact Sheet windows, and reverse geocoding.

As part of the initial release, Photo Mechanic 6 brings new elements including a new render cache and image gallery exporter. In addition to new features, version 6 also adds improvements to existing tools, including crop, slideshow, and the Find and Replace panel, plus new support for Blu-ray disc burning and much more.

The software enables photographers to rapidly ingest images, organize, and manage them at faster speeds than catalogue-based competitors. Users have the ability to cull, tag, view, organize and export their images from a single application. This is the first major update to Photo Mechanic since the release of version 5 in 2012.

Mac users must be running at least Mac OS X 10.10 or higher to use Photo Mechanic 6; Windows users must be running a 64-bit version of either Windows 7, 8, or 10.

In addition to the release of Photo Mechanic 6, Camera Bits has also announced Photo Mechanic Plus, a premium upgrade version of Photo Mechanic that will include the much-anticipated Catalog feature. A limited beta of Photo Mechanic Plus will be launched on April 22nd to Photo Mechanic 6 owners at no extra cost and will be launched alongside a dedicated forum where beta testers can share feedback.

In Camera Bits' own words, the upcoming Catalog feature 'is an image database for managing large numbers of image files across multiple locations.' After the beta period is over Photo Mechanic Plus will be offered as a paid upgrade over Photo Mechanic 6 at a price that's yet to be announced.