KUVRD has launched a one-size-fits-all Universal Lens Cap (ULC) designed to protect lenses from hazardous elements, including dirt and water, as well as minor drops. Simply called the KUVRD Universal Lens Cap, this ULC is made with silicone that can stretch to accommodate various lens shapes and sizes, including both the front and rear of the lens.

Here's a quick intro, not that the concept isn't pretty self-explanatory...

In addition to being water- and dust-proof, KUVRD explains that its ULC "never falls off" and helps absorb shocks.

One cap will absorb a little bit of a drop, but photographers who desire a greater degree of bump/drop protection can layer several KUVRD ULCs, placing one lens cover over another until you have several very snug layers of rubber between your lens and the elements. When not in use, KUVRD can be folded and stored in a compact area, such as a pocket or wallet.

KUVRD is seeking funding for its Universal Lens Cover on Kickstarter, where it has very quickly exceeded its $2,500 funding goal with about $72,000 in pledges. Backers who pledge at least $30 and share the campaign on social media are offered two Universal Lens Covers. Shipments will be available globally and are expected to start in March 2018.